Hush Puppies Ad

January 11, 2013

This Photoshoot Video from Hush Puppies for their Autumn/Winter Collection has the cutest basset hound puppies I’ve ever seen!  Not to mention all of the canine sayings visible throughout the video like “life’s a bone, chew it up,” and “live off the leash,” are totally awesome!  Thanks Hush Puppies, for making my day!

Hush Puppies Autumn/Winter Video – Source

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Super Bowl Dog Commercials

February 6, 2012

I don’t know about everybody else, but I was so excited to see all of the dog themed commercial advertisements during yesterday’s Super Bowl!  An article in U.S.A. Today is claiming, “ads with dogs had the most bark.” Of course, my favorite was the Doritos commercial featuring the 120 lb. brindle Great Dane who buries the family cat and bribes the owner to keep quiet with irresistible Doritos.  It reminds me of my brindle pup, Vixen 🙂 A close second had to be the french bulldog in the Sketcher’s commercial, or maybe “The Dog Strikes Back,” Volkswagen ad.  I can’t decide.

In case you missed them yesterday, or in case you just want to see them again, here are those top 3 dog-themed ads, plus a bonus bloopers real for the Doritos Great Dane ad that I found on You Tube!  You can also vote for your favorite 2012 Super Bowl ad HERE!  The voting closes at 6pm ET on Tuesday February 7th, so hurry up!

PS. So far the Doritos Great Dane ad is #3, the Sketcher’s French Bulldog ad is #7, and the Volkswagen commercial is #8! Please vote so we can make one of those dog commercials #1!


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A Dog’s Point of View

February 2, 2012

Ever wonder how your dog views the world?  Well, this video should give you a pretty good idea.  It’s shot with a Go Pro Camera that is attached to a Great Dane’s neck while he runs around and plays at a dog park.  I think it’s an awesome idea and the unique perspective is very creative! What do you think?

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Amazing Dog Food Ad

October 24, 2011

This dog food ad by Pedigree is unbelievably amazing!  It’s shot with a phantom camera, which can shoot an astonishing 1000 frames per second!  I love the way they create such a build up in their audience by capturing the dogs’ unrelenting anticipation for the flying treats and absolute satisfaction when they actually catch them in their mouths.  My favorite part is when the bulldog blissfuly closes his eyes from pure Pedigree pleasure.  What’s your favorite part?

Pedigree Ad – Video: You Tube

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