Canine Color Palettes


1. Ridged Dog Bowls from Williams Sonoma | 2. Wire Elevated Dog Feeder from Petswag | 3. Chilewich Dog Bowl Mat from All Modern | 4. Orange Hat with Brown Dog from Orvis | 5. Orange Stick Squeaker Toy from Williams Sonoma |6. Octopus Rope Toy from Jax & Bones | 7. Orange Dog Raincoat from The Company Store

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1. Chew Stick Toy: Williams Sonoma | 2. Bone Tag: Red Dingo | 3. Lion Rope Toy: Petswag | 4. Customized Bed: Waggo | 5. Colorblock Bowl: Petswag | 6. Raincoat: The Company Store | 7. Collar: Mattie & Margot

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Polka Dots

If you like polka dots as much as I do, then you’ll love my choice for this month’s PAWSH Pattern.  I’ve compiled a collection of colorful and playful dog accessories all drenched in polka dot fun!  Check out more and learn where to shop for this look by reading my guest post over at PAWSH Magazine.

Image Sources – See Guest Post on PAWSH

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Passionate Pink

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d feature Passionate Pink as this week’s Canine Color Palette.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Pink Heart Collar Tag from Talia, 2. Pug with Valentine Scrunchie Collar from, 3. Jax & Bones Pink Rope Heart Toy from Amazon, 4. Pink Collapsable Dog Bowl from Bliss Paws, 5. “Sleeps with Dogs” Night Gown from Orvis, 6. Pink Rhinestone Dog Collar from Etsy, 7. Pink Dog Bed from Teacups Puppies and Boutiques

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Smokey Gray

Gray is the perfect neutral.  Whether it’s fashion or home decor, I think gray goes well with just about everything.  So for this week’s Canine Color Palette, I decided to go with Smokey Gray.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

1. “Keep Calm & Love Dogs” Print from Etsy / 2. Charcoal Gray Dog Bed from / 3. Dark Gray Collar with tiny white dots from Etsy / 4. Whippet Print from Etsy / 5. Ceramic Dog Figurines in Gunmetal from Unleashed Life / 6. Chilewich Dog Mat in Carbon from Petswag / 7. Garter Stitch Dog Hat from Baby Gap / 8. Blue Great Dane Photograph from Harlequin Great Danes Tumblr 

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Today, I am proud and honored to introduce to all of you, “Pawsh Patterns!”  Every month, for my guest posts on Pawsh: Culture for Pets, I will be putting together a compilation of my favorite dog products with a simiar pattern (sort of like my “Canine Color Palettes” but with patterns).  This month’s Pawsh Pattern: Safari (Rawwwrrr!!).  Please Click HERE to see the guest post and to find out where you can shop for these awesome safari themed items.

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