Canine Crayons

September 20, 2013


Dogs 10-001Dogs 12Dogs 11-001Dogs 7Dogs 4Doghouse

These dachshund shaped crayons from the Etsy shop, Ivy Lane Designs, are not only totally cute, they’re also eco-friendly!  Shop owner and artist, Merrill, was kind enough to give me a little background info on these adorable doxie colors…

At the end of every school year, Merrill goes around to elementary schools and collects the old stubs of used crayons.  She then repurposes them by melting them down and hand pouring them into fun-shaped molds- perfect for party favors, weddings, and gifts.  She also gives a talk to the students about the importance of up-cycling, and how they too, can repurpose old things into new ideas.  I think it’s so inspiring how Merrill uses her creativity to help the environment.  Rather than the old crayons being thrown in the trash and winding up in a land-fill, she gives them a new life.

To find out more about these dachshund crayons and Merrill, be sure to check out the Ivy Lane Designs shop HERE.

(Images courtesy of Ivy Lane Designs)

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Puppy Pattern: Wood Grain

September 17, 2013

Wood Grain | The Barkitect

Just a collection of a few of my favorite dog-themed products with a natural wood grain pattern.  Hope you enjoy!

Image Sources:
1. Yorkie with Wood Logs Photo from Pinterest | 2. Wooden Dog Speaker from AC Gears | 3. Great Dane Cutting Board from Mountain Woods | 4. Reclaimed Wood Dog Sillhouette Art from Etsy | 5. Boy and His Dog Wood Puzzle from Etsy | 6. Natural Wood Dog Bone Blocks from Factory Direct Craft | 7. Wood Dog House with Living Roof from Williams Sonoma | 8. Wood Grain Collar and Leash from R.E. Stowe | 9. Acacia Wood Dog Bowls from Unleashed Life

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Canine Sheet Set

May 13, 2013

beds-best-friend-sheet-set beds-best-friend-sheet-set2 beds-best-friend-sheet-set3 beds-best-friend-sheet-set4 beds-best-friend-sheet-set5 beds-best-friend-sheet-set6 beds-best-friend-sheet-set7 beds-best-friend-sheet-set8 best-friend-dog-case

How adorable is this canine sheet set from The Land of Nod?  Designed by artist Hanna Melin, this comfy bedding features several illustrated pups in simple black and white pen lines.  Pefect for any dog lover’s bedroom decor.  Be sure to check out more HERE.

Bed’s Best Friend Sheet Set – Images Source

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3D Retriever Puzzle

December 17, 2012


Are you a big puzzle fan?  Then you have to check out this awesome 3D puzzle of a golden retriever from Eddie Bauer.  Made by artisan Peter Chapman, this wooden pup would be great for both kids and adults!  I may just have to add this to my Christmas Wish List.

3D Retriever Puzzle – Image Source

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Canine Alphabet Poster

December 12, 2012

Etsy always has the best canine themed prints.  Like this poster featuring A-Z dogs breeds, isn’t it great?  Hang it in your childrens’ bedrooms to help them learn their ABCs, or in your living room for a chic piece of art, or at your office for a splash of canine design.  It really could go anywhere.  I like the classic back silhouettes on a white background, but you can get any colors you want just by asking.  Be sure to check out more HERE.

Canine Alphabet Poster – Image Source

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Fleece Saint Bernard Hat

November 20, 2012

Love this Saint Bernard fleece hat from Baby Gap.  How cute would your little one look with this warm and fuzzy pup on his or her head?  I love how the ears stick out and the little black leather nose.  Perfect winter accessory for all those with puppy loving babies.

Fleece Saint Bernard Hat – Image Source

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