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Dog Windows

February 19, 2014

dog window-2 copy
dog window-3 copydog window-4 copy
dog window-1dog window-5 copy

We’ve all heard of a dog door, but have you ever heard of a dog window?  Studies show that dogs tend to be less stressed in environments where they can visually see what’s going on outside of their confined spaces.  That’s why we’re seeing more and more kennels and canine boarding facilities incorporating runs and cages with glass doors and partitions vs. solid.  It is said that by expanding a dog’s visual horizon it can actually have a calming effect- making them bark less and relax a little more.  It’s an interesting concept, and one that can easily be in incorporated into your own dog-friendly home.  All you have to do is add a few strategically placed windows.  Above are some examples I found on Houzz.  I think it’s pretty neat how a low level window can not only potentially improve your dog’s mood, it can also provide a unique and visually dynamic design element.  Check out more possible dog windows in The Barkitect’s “Pet’s Perspective”  ideabook on Houzz.

Image Sources (from top to bottom): One, Two, Three, Four, Five

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Poodles and Flowers

March 7, 2013

House Beautiful

Just a gorgeous photo of some white poodles in a floral filled living room from House Beautiful.  Doesn’t it just get you in a happy spring mood?  This photo was featured in their February issue, along with several other fabulous photos of this breathtaking Southhampton House – Designed by Ann Pyne of McMillen Inc. for her mother Betty Sherrill.  Fun Fact: The poodles names are Louis Quatorze and Marie Antoinette.

Poodles and Florals – Image Source

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My Canine Design Ideabook

February 13, 2013

Just a little slideshow of my Idea Book for “Interior Design + A Canine” on  Follow ME to see more great design ideas featuring our favorite four legged friends.

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Kitchen Design and Canines

January 31, 2013

01-hbx-weathered-kitchen-cabinets-barrett-0313-xln 07-hbx-open-wooden-pantry-shelves-barrrett-0313-xln

Just a couple of photos of a gorgeous kitchen with some golden retrievers featured in House Beautiful.  The magazine even makes mention of the distressed oak floors and how they are “impervious to dogs.” Yay for creative and fabulous pet friendly interior design!

Kitchen Photo with Golden Retrievers – Image Source

Pantry Photo with Golden Retriever – Image Source

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Winter Green-The Barkitect

One of my 2013 resolutions is to get more creative with my blog posts.  I want to show all of you a bit more of my personal designer side and how I love to combine it with a canine twist.  Take this post for example.  Every couple of weeks I want to create a canine color palette featuring all of my favorite dog products with a similar hue.  This week’s Canine Color Palette: Winter Green.  Enjoy!

1. Felt Flower Trio Collar Accessory from Etsy, 2. Crocodile Leather Collar from Etsy, 3. Cotton Dog Bed Cover by Molly Mutt from Muttropolis, 4. Chevron Striped Pug iPhone 5 Cover from Etsy, 5. Ceramic Dog Bowl from Olive, 6. Dachshund Pillow from Romy + Jacob, 7. Winter Green Holiday Decor from The Design File

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Emily Bond Fabrics

December 31, 2012

emily bond fabrics

Just a collage of Emily Bond fabrics with a canine twist.  All simple and classy with a country twist.  I could just imagine a french rococo chair cloaked in the red dachshund print.  Just think how chic!

P.S. Please everyone, have a happy and safe New Years tonight!

Emily Bond Fabrics – Images Source

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