Emily Bond Fabrics

December 31, 2012

emily bond fabrics

Just a collage of Emily Bond fabrics with a canine twist.  All simple and classy with a country twist.  I could just imagine a french rococo chair cloaked in the red dachshund print.  Just think how chic!

P.S. Please everyone, have a happy and safe New Years tonight!

Emily Bond Fabrics – Images Source

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Interior Design + A Canine

December 28, 2012

Home-decorating-dogs-ED0310-15-lgnHome-decorating-dogs-ED0310-14-lgnHome-decorating-dogs-ED0310-11-lgn Home-decorating-dogs-ED0310-08-lgn Home-decorating-dogs-ED0310-07-lgn Home-decorating-dogs-ED0310-04-lgn Home-decorating-dogs-ED0310-01-lgn

These gorgeous interior photos from Elle Decor are from a while ago, but I felt like bringing them back to everybody’s attention because let’s face it, great interior design + a canine never gets old.  I think it just helps remind all of us dog lovers that living stylishly while owning a pet is possible.  As someone who has built a career around dogs and design, it’s photos like these that help inspire me to always push the limits, and to never settle for anything less than fabulous when it comes to pet-friendly decor.

Interior Design + A Canine – Images Source

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More (Leash)ure Bed Pictures

October 21, 2011

I found a few more pictures of the (Leash)ure bed that I wanted to share with you all.  My two Great Danes, Vader and Vixen, love sunbathing on it in the backyard.  Especially on a cool day when the warm sun feels so good.

(Leash)ure Bed – Images: The Barkitect

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(Leash)ure Bed

October 19, 2011

This is one of my favorite canine design projects!  When I was earning my degree in Architecture, one of my school assignments was to design and build a piece of furniture.  Of course, me being the dog lover that I am, I chose to design a dog bed.  The “(Leash)ure Bed” is an elevated dog bed made from woven nylon dog leashes stretched across a PVC pipe frame.  I love how the colorful woven leashes create a bright playful pattern, and at the same time provide a flexible yet durable base strong enough to hold even my Great Danes!  I’m excited to make more of these canine inspired furniture projects in the future.



(Leash)ure Bed – Images: The Barkitect

(Leash)ure Bed materials from: Home Depot, Pet Edge, Joann Fabric & Craft Stores

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