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Pop-Up Store for Cloud 7

October 4, 2013

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I love, love, love these photos of the new pop-up shop for Cloud 7 at the Normann Copenhagen flagship store.  Cloud 7 is a Berlin based brand of highly sophisticated and upscale interior products for dogs and dog lovers, and they recently teamed up with the famous designer brand, Normann Copenhagen, for this limited time event from September 27th through October 21st.  The entire store features oversized statuesque dog silhouettes scattered amongst top of the line collars, leads, beds, bowls, and beautiful canine portrait art.  It’s obvious from these photos that a great deal of creative design went into this space.  Everything is displayed with the brand’s signature modern and elegant style in mind.  I even love the tagline on the front door, “Always listen to you dog.”  Simple, yet wise words.  Now if only Copenhagen weren’t so far away…

Images Courtesy of Cloud 7

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Blanket ID Tags

October 2, 2013


I recently had the pleasure of trying out a Blanket ID pet tag for my dog Vader, and boy was I impressed!  Not only are these tags super stylish, they also serve as a great tool when it comes to finding missing pets in your community.  Below is a list of a few of my favorite features that Blanket ID offers:

Style:  As you can tell from the images above, Blanket ID tags are available in several different colors and patterns.  It’s really neat to look through all of the possible options on the Blanket ID website and pick one that fits your pet’s individual style and personality.  In the photos above, Vader is sporting the Wallflower design.  I liked it because of the simple geometric shapes and fun shades of blue, green, yellow, and red.  I think it looks great on him, but so many other designs would have as well.  You really can’t go wrong.  The styles are superb.

Quality:  While Blanket ID tags are definitely beautiful, what really impressed me was the overall quality of each individual tag.  After seeing one in person and trying it on Vader’s collar, I could tell that it was crafted with strong materials that are meant to last.  So many collar tags are cheaply made and fall apart after a short amount of time, which, to me, defeats the purpose entirely.  Blanket ID tags are different.  They’re guaranteed for life!  They’re also waterproof, so they won’t get damaged if you’ve got a dog who loves to play in the rain, and they’re noiseless, which means no more annoying clanking and jingling every time your pet moves.

Service: The best part of Blanket ID tags is their ability to help people find missing pets.  I hear stories all the time about dogs and cats that go missing and how helpless people feel in those situations.  Blanket ID offers a way to help.  The process is super simple and easy to learn.  Just watch this How To Video, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  I love that it allows others, beside the owners of the missing pet, to help out.  It definitely adds another level their service that no one else has.  It’s also pretty neat to set up your pet’s profile.  You can enter all kinds of information including feeding and medical instructions, so whoever finds your pet can know the best way to take care of him or her until the two of you are reunited.

Benefits:  Besides being stylish, made of high quality materials, and a great tool to protect your pets, Blanket ID tags also help support several animal welfare organizations.  When you sign up for Blanket ID, a portion of your membership fees go to the organization of your choice.  It’s called the Blanket Fund.  From shelters, to rescue centers, to SPCA, and humane societies, you can help give back to animals in need by using Blanket ID.

Images Courtesy of & The Barkitect

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Puppy Pattern: Wood Grain

September 17, 2013

Wood Grain | The Barkitect

Just a collection of a few of my favorite dog-themed products with a natural wood grain pattern.  Hope you enjoy!

Image Sources:
1. Yorkie with Wood Logs Photo from Pinterest | 2. Wooden Dog Speaker from AC Gears | 3. Great Dane Cutting Board from Mountain Woods | 4. Reclaimed Wood Dog Sillhouette Art from Etsy | 5. Boy and His Dog Wood Puzzle from Etsy | 6. Natural Wood Dog Bone Blocks from Factory Direct Craft | 7. Wood Dog House with Living Roof from Williams Sonoma | 8. Wood Grain Collar and Leash from R.E. Stowe | 9. Acacia Wood Dog Bowls from Unleashed Life

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Colorful Dip-Dyed Rope Leads

September 5, 2013


Lately I’ve been going through a color craze.  Seriously, everything from home decor to fashion to even my dog’s accessories, I just can’t get enough color!  Luckily, Morgan, over at Houndworthy, introduced me to these amazing dip-dyed rope leashes, which are available in over 15 different colors (yay!).  Each leash is made from 100% cotton rope and features gorgeous hemp detailing.  Like all of the products over at Houndworthy, these leads are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.  Now if only I could decide which color I like best…

Dip Dyed Leash Photos: Seafoam | Marbled Navy | Marbled Pumpkin | Marbled Green | Pink | Marbled Crimson

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1. Chew Stick Toy: Williams Sonoma | 2. Bone Tag: Red Dingo | 3. Lion Rope Toy: Petswag | 4. Customized Bed: Waggo | 5. Colorblock Bowl: Petswag | 6. Raincoat: The Company Store | 7. Collar: Mattie & Margot

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Chill Collar

May 16, 2013

Chill Collar

It is officially HOT here in Albuquerque (90+ degrees all week!).  My dog, Vader, is an all black great dane who overheats very easily.  So naturally, this past week I’ve been looking for ways to keep him cool.  This Chill Collar from In the Company of Dogs seems like the perfect solution.  Fill the collar with water, place in the freezer, and then wrap around your dog’s neck for instant cooling.  Sounds like a great idea (not to mention the great dane in the pic totally has me sold ;)).  Can’t wait to try it.

Chill Collar with Cover – Image Source 

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