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I recently decided to finally pull the trigger and start renovating my backyard (yay!).  When I first moved into my house 6 years ago, the backyard was a pristine space with green grass and lush plants.  Overtime, my dogs have destroyed the grass, and several plants have died from constant leg lifting.  Now it’s basically just dirt, and is in desperate need of some TLC.

Being the dog lover that I am, and given what I do for a living, of course one of my main concerns is making sure my new backyard is dog-friendly.  For me, this starts with the main ground surface area, which I have decided is going to be artificial grass.  But did you know that not all artificial grass is made equal?

K9 Grass by Forever Lawn is artificial grass designed specifically for dogs.  It’s used in commercial pet facilities including veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and pet resorts, as well as dog parks, airport pet relief areas, apartment complexes, and residential homes.

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One of the features that makes K9 Grass extra dog-friendly is its Flow-through backing, which allows almost 100% of liquid to immediately flow through the artificial grass material and into the ground. This helps to eliminate lingering urine smells because there’s nowhere for it to pool or puddle.  It goes right into the earth.  Watch the video demonstration below to see what I’m talking about:

I have some personal experience with K9 Grass through my work.  We have an area of K9 Grass installed along the side of our office building.  It’s installed for two purposes: 1) to allow our staff to take their dogs out during the work day for play time and relief breaks, and 2) to show clients how K9 Grass looks and feels when it’s installed.  It’s held up great for the past several years, and as a result we’ve used it in several of our commercial animal care facility projects.  It’s also what has prompted me to consider it for my backyard renovation.  Below is a picture of my dog, Vixen, sitting on the K9 Grass at the office. I also found out that the cleaning company I use will only help clean up after dogs if you are using artificial grass.

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Regardless if you decide to install K9 Grass or some other brand of artificial grass for a dog-friendly yard, below are some tips and ideas to consider:

  1. Make sure to provide some shade over the grass. Artificial grass can get very hot in direct sunlight on warm days.  Too hot for dog’s paws.  Providing shade helps reduce the solar gain and keeps the grass at a comfortable temperature.
  2. Clean the grass frequently, and use manufacturer recommended cleaning solutions. Think of your artificial grass as any other ground cover or flooring material.  It needs regular maintenance, which includes spraying it down and raking up debris.
  3. Get your artificial grass professionally installed. Installation is critical to ensure proper performance.  Look for trained and experienced installers in your area.
  4. Get the top rated fp209499 compressor for your artificial grass water system.

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Photo of Vixen: The Barkitect
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