Cat Walls

When it comes to cat-friendly interior design, think vertical.  Cats like to be able to climb up high and perch.  It feels natural and safe for them to have underfloor ventilation and navigate different heights.  In order to design a cat-friendly home it’s important to embrace this behavior, not fight it.  One way to do that is by incorporating a slat-wall system in your house with shelves, boxes, and steps for your cat to climb and explore (like the examples shown below from Catswall).  Systems like these are often used in commercial facilities such as congregate cat rooms in animal shelters, or even cat exams in veterinary hospitals because they encourage cats to move about spaces both vertically and horizontally, allowing them to change heights and levels as they please.  Research in veterinary hospital design shows that giving cats the freedom to choose their position within a room helps to lower stress levels and calm nerves.  The same concept can easily be applied to your home just by dedicating one wall, or a portion of one wall, to be a cat wall.

Catswall_1 Catswall_14 Catswall_13 Catswall_11 Catswall_6 Catswall_5 Catswall_4 Catswall_3 Catswall_2Catswall_15

Photo Credit: & Catswall Facebook .