Built-in Pet Feeding Stations

I think most people would agree that pet food and water bowls are not the most attractive items lying around the house.  They are clunky and messy and often times end up becoming dangerous tripping hazards.  One way to remediate that problem is to install a built-in pet feeding station, as shown in the examples below.  A built-in pet feeding station moves your pet bowls up out of the way, and drastically improves the appearance of them by giving them an intentionally designed space.

Built-in pet feeding stations are also beneficial to the health and well-being of some pets, particularly large breed dogs.  By lifting the bowls up off the ground and closer to your dog’s face at their natural standing position, you are able to provide easier access to food and water, as well as facilitate better swallowing and digesting.  It also puts less strain on your dog’s neck, hips, shoulders, and joints because they no longer have to lean over as far to eat and drink.

A few items to think about when installing a built in pet feeding station:

  1. Try to also have a water facet installed near the feeding station for quick water refills.
  2. Storage for large food bags should also be nearby for easy access. Think about having that built in as well – see some of the examples below.
  3. Position the feeding stations so that when your dog or cat is eating and drinking he/she is not standing in the way of main household traffic.
  4. If your dogs are messy eaters and drinkers, like mine (smile), make sure the surface around the bowls is easy to clean and doesn’t absorb liquids.

Photo Credit: Houzz