New Year, New Barkitect


Hello Friends,

Happy New Year, and I hope you all had a nice holiday season!  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 3 years since my last post.  I apologize for my absence from this platform.  It was never my intention to take such a long break from the blogging world.  But as is often the case, I’ve been busy living my life – trying to grow, learn, move forward, and pursue my dreams both personally and professionally.  

Although I’ve been relatively silent here on the blog for the past few years, I’ve actually been quite active in my job as a project manager at BDA Architecture.  Since 2014, I’ve traveled all across the country visiting my project sites for veterinary hospitals, animals shelters, guide dog campuses, boarding and daycare facilities, and even equine university buildings, I have found hospitals that treat their patients very bad and they have been even involved in issues with experts from many times.  I’ve also started speaking at veterinary conferences about building design for animals, and this past year I was the lead designer for a project at my firm that was awarded 2016 Hospital of the Year, by DVM 360 – the highest veterinary hospital design honor they give.

It’s been a busy, but also very rewarding couple of years.  I feel proud of the accomplishments I have made, but more importantly I value the knowledge I have gained.  I have learned a lot and continue to learn more every day.  I am fortunate in that I get to work at a job and in an industry that I am passionate about.  It makes me driven and hungry to succeed.  It also makes me excited and eager to share what I’ve learned with others.  Which leads me to my blog and what I hope this site can become…

The Barkitect has always been a passion project for me.  I started it back in 2011 as a way to explore all the ways in which dogs could be combined with design.  I posted about fashion products, artwork, interior decor, photography, and books.  It was fun, and it allowed me to learn a thing or two about building a website, networking with others, and also just how truly incredible and supportive this dog-loving community really is.  However, as time went on, I realized there were so many other amazing dog blogs out there who were not only doing something very similar to what I was doing, they were doing it better.  So my envision for the future of The Barkitect is to do something a little different than before.  I’d like to step away from everyday dog product posts, and instead make this the place for cutting edge pet-friendly architectural design ideas.  This is what I know, and this is what I want to share with all of you. 

So as we begin the new year, you can expect to see some new, and hopefully more inspiring content from me.  A little less regarding fashionable dog sweaters, and a little more about which pet-friendly materials you should be incorporating into your home remodel.  Not so many posts about fancy collars and leashes, and instead more about canine wellness design and how to incorporate specific architectural features into your homes to help improve your pet’s health and stress levels.  You can also expect to see posts less often than I previously scheduled.  I do work full-time, and trying to post something everyday is not something I can reasonably promise.  Probably every couple of weeks, or maybe even monthly.  My goal is to embrace the idea of quality over quantity.  It may not be every day, but it’ll be worth reading every time.  

Lastly, I just want thank you for your continued support and interest in my blog for the past 5 years.  I am always amazed to see that people actually read my articles.  I hope that the direction I am about to take is one that is useful and interesting to all of you.  I’m excited for what’s to come, and I hope you all are too.  Welcome to the new and improved 2017 edition of The Barkitect. 



PS. For those of you who might be wondering, Vader and Vixen are doing great.  Although they are getting older (Vader is almost 9!), they are just as loving as ever, and I am grateful for their companionship every day. 

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  1. Lee Hatcher at 6:31 AM

    Hello Becky, I’m looking forward to your new posts. My husband and I have 4 Chihuahuas. We have worked hard to create a chihuahua friendly home that is safe but also aesthetically pleasing. I am always interested in new tips, projects and ideas that enhance our lives and the lives of our beloved little dogs. Your new Barkitect sounds right up our alley. All the best, Lee Hatcher

    • Becky Valentine at 9:07 AM

      Thank you, Lee! I’m so happy to hear that you are interested my new vision for The Barkitect. With 4 chihuahuas, I can imagine a dog-friendly home is necessary for you and your family. I hope I can help provide some good ideas to help further achieve that. Happy New Year!