Cute Canine Couture

anthro-dog-bandanaanthro-dog-bow-tieanthro-dog-polo-collar anthro-dog-shirt

Have you checked out “The Dog Shop” at Anthropologie?  I’m obsessed!  Everything from home decor, note cards, and calendars to these gorgeous pieces of canine couture- so adorable found in this online boutique for pets! The shirt collar has to be my favorite.  It’s so simple, yet so sophisticated.  I wonder if it comes in Great Dane sizes?

Anthropologie Dog Fashion Pieces:
Gingham handkerchief CollarStriped Bow Tie Collar | Shirt Collar | Chambray Shirt

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  1. Alex at 2:48 PM

    Don’t think we’ve got this in European Anthro! Boo hoo. Looks fantastic.

    • Becky Valentine at 3:36 PM

      Oh that’s too bad! Hopefully it arrives there eventually. It’s really a fun site to explore. Thanks for the comment!