Canine Color Palette: Smokey Gray

Smokey Gray

Gray is the perfect neutral.  Whether it’s fashion or home decor, I think gray goes well with just about everything.  So for this week’s Canine Color Palette, I decided to go with Smokey Gray.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

1. “Keep Calm & Love Dogs” Print from Etsy / 2. Charcoal Gray Dog Bed from / 3. Dark Gray Collar with tiny white dots from Etsy / 4. Whippet Print from Etsy / 5. Ceramic Dog Figurines in Gunmetal from Unleashed Life / 6. Chilewich Dog Mat in Carbon from Petswag / 7. Garter Stitch Dog Hat from Baby Gap / 8. Blue Great Dane Photograph from Harlequin Great Danes Tumblr 

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