Dog Silhouettes Made from Reclaimed Materials

I absolutely LOVE these dog breed silhouettes from Uncommon Goods!  Each silhouette is filled with vertical stripes of various recycled materials such as wallpaper, rulers, reclaimed wood and metal, and I think I even see some old book spines and wooden spindles in there as well.  Together, these materials create a dog shaped vintage kaleidoscope of colors and textures – the perfect addition to any dog lover’s wall decor.

Dog Breed Silhouettes – Image Source

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  1. Dolan & Ali Marie Geiman at 10:41 AM

    Hello, Hello! What a lovely blog you have here! Thanks so much for checking out our ‘Dog Walk’ series over at Uncommon Goods – they’ve been such a pleasure to work with. In addition to the silhouettes, we regularly make original mixed-media artworks and high-quality reproductions with eco-friendly materials. Pay us a visit anytime: – and thanks, again, for the blog-post! – Dolan & Ali Marie Geiman

    • admin at 4:56 PM

      Hi, thank you for the kind words about my blog. I love your artwork and the fact that you use eco-friendly materials. I will definitely check out your site. Please keep me updated on any new canine inspired items that you create!