Hooked on Tails

These cleverly cute tail hooks from Ikea are so fun!  I’ve been wanting to hang a couple of them in my house for a while, and now thanks to my wonderful big sister (she bought me a red one and a pink one for Christmas), I can!  The obvious thing to hang on these hooks would be your dog’s leash, but why not get creative and use them to hang your favorite necklaces, your kid’s prize medal, or maybe get red and green ones to hang your stockings at Christmas time? For me, I chose to hang something practical and sentimental – my T-square.  Practical because it’s easily accessible when it’s up on the wall (rather than buried under my drawings) and sentimental because it was the first drafting tool I bought when I was accepted into the architecture program at Cal Poly, and in a sense the tool that helped launch my career in design.  With 6 colors to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating with these adorable tails.