Color Curious

I love bright colors.  Sunshine yellow, tangerine orange, melon pink, sky blue, lime green – the more vibrant the better!  There’s something cheerful and fun about a color that really pops and catches your eye.  But when it comes to decorating, many people are afraid of color, and I totally understand why.  Too much color can make a space feel overwhelming, busy, and uncomfortable.  But at the same time, a room full neutrals can feel plain and boring.  Like most things in life, balance is key when it comes to decorating with color.

The spare bedroom in my house was… well a little boring and dull for my taste, so I decided to give it a color makeover.  The floral comforter was my inspirational piece.  I loved how all the bright colors popped against the neutral gray background.  I painted one wall a turquoise-blue color, spray painted the headboard glossy white, wrapped pull-out drawers with a coral red fabric, and then finished the room off with white accessories.  The white flower motif behind the bed is made from polypropylene wall flowers pinned at different heights with various ribbon “stems.” I felt like it helped tie in the feminine floral theme of the room, as well as added some linear elements to help contrast with the organic pattern of the bedding.

And of course no room is complete without a canine companion! Vader, my Great Dane, looks pretty handsome in this bright and colorful bedroom. Don’t you agree?  🙂

Floral Comforter – Urban Outfitters (No longer available)

Paint – Sherwin Williams (Cooled Blue)

White Wall Flowers – Bed Bath & Beyond

White Lamps – Walmart

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