Underwater Dog Photography

Wow! I don’t even know if I need to say anything about these photos.  I think it’s pretty evident that they totally rock!  I will say this though, I have always thought most pet photographs don’t do our four-legged friends justice.  How many photos have you seen of a dog sitting or laying still looking up at the camera?  Yeah, they’re cute, but they don’t really portray the personality of the dogs.  Dogs are active, energetic, and playful animals with big personalities and even bigger hearts.  I love these under water dog photos by Seth Casteel because he takes a creative and artistic approach to pet photography and really captures that fun, enthusiastic side of dogs that we all know and love, but rarely get to see in photos.  It reminds a little of Carli Davidson’s “Shake” photos– another unique and totally awesome approach to pet photography.  You can see more of these amazing underwater dog photos on The Barkitect Facebook Page.

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 Underwater Dog Photos: Source

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