Super Bowl Dog Commercials

I don’t know about everybody else, but I was so excited to see all of the dog themed commercial advertisements during yesterday’s Super Bowl!  An article in U.S.A. Today is claiming, “ads with dogs had the most bark.” Of course, my favorite was the Doritos commercial featuring the 120 lb. brindle Great Dane who buries the family cat and bribes the owner to keep quiet with irresistible Doritos.  It reminds me of my brindle pup, Vixen 🙂 A close second had to be the french bulldog in the Sketcher’s commercial, or maybe “The Dog Strikes Back,” Volkswagen ad.  I can’t decide.

In case you missed them yesterday, or in case you just want to see them again, here are those top 3 dog-themed ads, plus a bonus bloopers real for the Doritos Great Dane ad that I found on You Tube!  You can also vote for your favorite 2012 Super Bowl ad HERE!  The voting closes at 6pm ET on Tuesday February 7th, so hurry up!

PS. So far the Doritos Great Dane ad is #3, the Sketcher’s French Bulldog ad is #7, and the Volkswagen commercial is #8! Please vote so we can make one of those dog commercials #1!


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  1. Newfy Dad at 5:17 PM

    How could you forget the Suzuki commercial. The huskies alone make me crack up…

    • admin at 5:54 PM

      I must have missed that one during the Super Bowl, but I just watched it on You Tube and you are definitely right. The huskies are hilarious! Thanks for pointing that one out to me 🙂

      Here’s the link if anyone else wants to see it: