Porcelain Puppy Plate

Lately I’ve been obsessed with little plates.  Tiny saucers with polka dots, small serving platters with architectural sketches, petite porcelain bowls with pretty patterns- I’m in love with them all.  So you can imagine the excitement I felt when I stumbled upon this little porcelain puppy plate on Etsy today.  It’s titled “Neighbors” and illustrates two tiny dogs meeting each other under a tree with wagging tails.  I love how it portrays the kind and loveable nature of dogs in such a simple and classic design.  At only 4”x3” it’s perfect for holding tiny jewelry pieces, a bar of soap, or simply putting it on your coffee table for display.  I can just imagine it sitting next to my mirror holding some vintage pearl earrings.  So classically chic!

Porcelain Plate – Image: Etsy