Great Story about Great Danes

I just had to share this touching story from Mail Online about a blind Great Dane, named Lily, and her faithful best friend and loyal guide dog, Maddison.  The two have been inseparable for years and are now up for adoption as a pair.  The loving and trusting bond between them touches my heart.  I hope they find a happy home soon.  Read the story HERE.

Lily & Maddison Great Dane – Images: Mail Online

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  1. blanketcate at 3:45 AM

    Oh gosh that is a very touching story. Both dogs are such beauties and reading the comments it looks like they will soon have a loving home 🙂

    • The BARKitect at 2:26 PM

      Yeah, you’re right. The comments do seem very promising! Looks like these dogs have touched the hearts of several people. I’m glad there is so much interest in adopting them. They deserve a loving home.

      Thanks for you comment 🙂