Amazing Dog Food Ad

This dog food ad by Pedigree is unbelievably amazing!  It’s shot with a phantom camera, which can shoot an astonishing 1000 frames per second!  I love the way they create such a build up in their audience by capturing the dogs’ unrelenting anticipation for the flying treats and absolute satisfaction when they actually catch them in their mouths.  My favorite part is when the bulldog blissfuly closes his eyes from pure Pedigree pleasure.  What’s your favorite part?

Pedigree Ad – Video: You Tube

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  1. Eileen at 3:28 PM

    I interprerted the bulldog as having missed the treat with an ‘aw shucks I missed it’ look on his face. It was a magnificant ad – very creative. I feed my dog raw however so I cannot testify to this brand.

    • The BARKitect at 3:11 AM

      Eileen, thanks for your comment! The bulldog’s reaction really catches the eye of viewers, and I love to hear everyone else’s interpretation of his facial expression. I can definitely see an “aw shucks I missed it” reaction. Thanks for your input, and I totally agree with you this ad is very creative!

  2. george at 8:28 AM

    Wonderful ad. Wow. I love the dogs when they are airborne. So cool. Especially the little Inu….